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Home Inspection vs Home Inspection


As you may be aware, the office has recently added Real Estate to our list of services we offer. As I’ve been going through the different training classes, today we went on a mock home inspection. I’ve always thought that the background of insurance agent gives me an entirely different perspective on buildings than the … Read more

Family Insurance Check-Up

Just like your annual check-up at the doctor, you should be doing an annual review of your insurance policies. When you have children, you get used to going to the doctor a lot. We usually have an outline of when their shots and physicals are due. However, when it comes to the rest of our … Read more

5 Important Fireplace Maintenance and Safety Tips

A fireplace is an important piece in your home. From family gatherings in the cold weather to spending the holidays in front of it, a fireplace is a part of your daily family life. In order to keep your fireplace looking great as well as keeping your family safe when it is in use, there … Read more

Downsize Your Home: It May Increase Your Insurance Cost

downsize your home

When it comes to thinking about downsizing and insurance, people may be surprised to learn that your insurance costs may not be reduced simply by moving into a smaller home. The cost of insurance is largely based on where you live. If you are moving from a large home in the country and buying a … Read more

Do You Know Your Insurance Gaps?

You may have seen Farmers running commercials recently on insurance gaps. This is a great article from Farmers.com on an example of a home replacement insurance gap: Home Replacement Insurance Gaps Home Tool Kit Home renovation projects can completely change your house, make it more enjoyable, and increase the value of your home. In fact, … Read more

Identity Theft – What to do after your identity has been stolen

If you’ve stopped in the office, there is a chance you may have spoken to Danielle that has been working with me for about 8 years. She’s not only an employee, she’s also a client. Recently she was dropping her son off at baseball practice and locked her car. When she came back five minutes … Read more