Prepping Rental Properties Against the Winter

rental-propertiesIf you own rental properties, there are five things you should do to help prevent a costly claim.

Don’t rely on the renter because if these basic steps aren’t followed, it’s your pocket not the renter’s that will be feeling it.

1. Salt and shovel the stairs and sidewalk.

2. If you have an oil tank, set up automatic deliveries. Do not rely on your renter to get the oil deliveries. If the home is not kept warm, pipes could freeze and burst causing a massive amount of damage.

3. Check for ice damning on the roof. An ice dam is when the ice backs up under your roof, melts and causing damage to your roof. Here is a brief article from This Old House that explains how to avoid them.,,1131346,00.html

4. Keep gutters free from debris.

5. Repair steps and handrails to make them safer in the ice and snow.

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