Pope Will Visit Philadelphia – Sharing Economy Risks

The Pope will be visiting Philadelphia in September. More than 2 million visitors are expected to stay in the city during the course of his three day visit. There are not enough hotel rooms to accommodate the massive influx of people, so many residents are looking to take advantage of the opportunity and list their homes and apartments on sites like Airbnb to make some extra money.

I thought this would be a good opportunity to revisit a previous blog I did on the ramifications on the sharing economy and how it may affect your insurance. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have – (866) 671-8993.

car and home insuranceIn the wake of the financial crash of 2008, proliferation of mobile technology and some brilliant entrepreneurs the perfect storm for a Sharing Economy is occurring. Sharing of cars such as Uber and renting out space in your home with Airbnb have allowed people an alternate stream of income, but there are risks associated with these services from an insurance standpoint.

Let’s start with services such as Airbnb and the ramifications on your homeowners policy. Chances are… Read the entire article here.

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