Importance of Life Insurance

Life InsuranceI am always asking my clients, family and friends if they have enough life insurance. I try to walk the line between pushing people to understand the importance of life insurance and trying to avoid being known as “The Insurance Agent” like Ed Neville in Ground Hog Day.

I was rummaging through my draws this morning and came across this video Farmers had put together. Watch Tara Newby’s story and the impact life insurance had on her family. Grab your tissues, you’re going to need them. Why Life? The Tara Newby Story

We all like to think that our family is immune to disaster. This past week my husband and I received the news of a friend ‘s baby dying and the husband of a school mate died unexpectedly of a heart attack at 51 leaving behind three young children and a wife who hasn’t worked in years.

It has reminded me why I do what I do. My clients bring me tremendous joy and I deeply care about their well being. I am reaffirming my commitment to see every family have life insurance. Life insurance is not for the dead, but for those left behind so they can continue to go on living. I ask you, at your wake, would you prefer I bring your family a casserole or a check?

I implore you to call me today if you have been thinking of buying a policy. I will sit down with you to do a review, figure out your need and find a product to fit your budget. Think about the financial position your family would be in if you were gone and they had to carry on without you.

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