Home Inspection vs Home Inspection


As you may be aware, the office has recently added Real Estate to our list of services we offer. As I’ve been going through the different training classes, today we went on a mock home inspection.

I’ve always thought that the background of insurance agent gives me an entirely different perspective on buildings than the normal realtor and I kept comparing the inspections of pre-purchase inspection versus the insurance inspection, so I thought I’d write about it.

A home insurance inspection is completed after you bind (purchase) home insurance. The inspectors are looking to make sure the home is in good shape and the risk to the insurance company is not excessive.

The inspectors are looking at things on the roof such as no missing shingles, popping nails, moss on the roof, tree limbs aren’t leaning against the house and gutters are clear. They want the paint in good shape, no missing siding where water would penetrate. Walkways need to be safe with no areas where people might trip and fall and handrails on the stairs outside are safe, just overall safety features to prevent injury.

The pre-purchase building inspection is also looking for those same things, but for a different reason. They are looking to identify any material defect in the building so that the client has a clear understanding of what they are purchasing.

According to Greg DuPey, owner of Pillar To Post Home Inspection Company,

“The big takeaway is to understand the true condition of the home from an unbiased professional. Secondary is to familiarize yourself with the systems, how the home “works.”  Much like buying a new car, you’ll want to know what all those buttons and gadgets do – and having someone show you is way better than reading the manual. The biggest misconception would be that it’s a pass/ fail.”

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