Happy Clients

Happy Clients


Total home loss…

“As bad as this event was I can’t imagine this working out any better than it did. It took a lot of work, but I feel deep inside of me that it was all worth it and I want to tell people how well all of you at Farmers performed for our family. “ – A.S.
We have an advisor not just an insurance agent…

“I needed to change some insurance policies on both personal and business. One quick call to Jennifer and she had all my questions answered and had me on the right path. It was just a sale, she helped me understand what I really needed and areas that I didn’t need as well. It was Refreshing to hear. Jen was great in explaining what types of insurance our new business needs. As we continue to grow we know we have an advisor not just an insurance agent.” – Martin McDonald, CoFounder of Bad Rhino, Inc.
I can always rely on her…

“Jennifer has always been proactive in finding solutions that best fits our companies needs and budget. I can always rely on her to be ahead of curve with all my insurance needs.” – Sudesh Singh, President and CEO at Pedia Manor, Inc.
Jennifer is highly respected…

“I highly recommend Jennifer based on my experiences with her in the insurance industry. She is highly respected by both her clients and co-workers for her willingness to help, her strong interpersonal skills and for her abilities. She is very well organized, knowledgeable and diligent in her paperwork.” – Michele Dolgos
Thanks so much!

“Thanks to Jennifer Hunter Gregorski for helping to turn a really horrible basement flooding situation into a less horrible flooded basement issue. She is Farmers Insurance – queue music!”– Barbara Diemer
Very pleasant and was able to find me a huge savings.

“I always liked Farmers Insurance and when the prices were at its high point, I had asked my friends if their Home Owners increased $500 or more each year. They said go with another Company. I always had Farmers Ins. However I had gone through a Broker years ago and prices were going up and up. I called the Broker several times for them to find me savings and they said there was nothing they could do. Then I got a mailer from Michelle and thought it couldn’t hurt to ask. At that point, she found the hurt! They charged $1200 more a year going through the Broker. I was excited to find Michelle and Jennifer. I was pleased to find that no matter the question, Michelle was happy to answer all my questions. Very pleasant and was able to find me a huge savings. What a relief to find people who were looking out for me instead of themselves (commission etc.).

I always knew Farmer Ins was for me. Years ago I had a claim. This was my first claim and thought there was going to be a hassle. Nope, not at all. They came out, assessed the damages and paid. It was wonderful not to have to fight for what I needed. Thank you everyone for helping my experience to be pain free. Again, thank you Michelle and Jennifer for being wonderful agents to have. Oh, and let’s not forget the Representative who explained my Declaration page when the new Binder came in. She was very pleasant and patient with me. Thanks again!!” – Tina Watson