5 Safety Tips On Driving in Snowstorm Weather


With another snowstorm on the horizon, here are 5 great tips on driving safely in this winter weather. Allow extra time to arrive safely at your destination. Leave plenty of space between your car and the car in front of you. SLOW DOWN! Don’t use your cruise control when the roads are icy or snowy. … Read more

Pope Will Visit Philadelphia – Sharing Economy Risks

The Pope will be visiting Philadelphia in September. More than 2 million visitors are expected to stay in the city during the course of his three day visit. There are not enough hotel rooms to accommodate the massive influx of people, so many residents are looking to take advantage of the opportunity and list their … Read more

10 Safety Tips for Planning an RV Trip

Summer is almost here and that means vacation time for many families. For a few lucky adventurers, driving cross country in an RV is as American as apple pie. Here is a list of 10 safety tips to keep you safe while driving your RV (care of Michele Boyer of