Insurance with renters

Do College Kids Need Rental Insurance?

Families are loading their cars up and tearfully dropping their children back at college. Along with their laptops and books, do they have a rental insurance policy? A rental policy is a very inexpensive policy that covers your personal property, loss of use which is used if there is a reason you have to leave … Read more

Pope Will Visit Philadelphia – Sharing Economy Risks

The Pope will be visiting Philadelphia in September. More than 2 million visitors are expected to stay in the city during the course of his three day visit. There are not enough hotel rooms to accommodate the massive influx of people, so many residents are looking to take advantage of the opportunity and list their … Read more

Prepping Rental Properties Against the Winter

If you own rental properties, there are five things you should do to help prevent a costly claim. Don’t rely on the renter because if these basic steps aren’t followed, it’s your pocket not the renter’s that will be feeling it. 1. Salt and shovel the stairs and sidewalk. 2. If you have an oil … Read more

The Sharing Economy and the Risks

In the wake of the financial crash of 2008, proliferation of mobile technology and some brilliant entrepreneurs the perfect storm for a Sharing Economy is occurring. Sharing of cars such as Uber and renting out space in your home with Airbnb have allowed people an alternate stream of income, but there are risks associated with … Read more