First Time Home Buyer

Home Inspection vs Home Inspection


As you may be aware, the office has recently added Real Estate to our list of services we offer. As I’ve been going through the different training classes, today we went on a mock home inspection. I’ve always thought that the background of insurance agent gives me an entirely different perspective on buildings than the … Read more

5 Important Fireplace Maintenance and Safety Tips

A fireplace is an important piece in your home. From family gatherings in the cold weather to spending the holidays in front of it, a fireplace is a part of your daily family life. In order to keep your fireplace looking great as well as keeping your family safe when it is in use, there … Read more

3 Home Maintenance Tasks Every Homeowner Should Do This Spring

This week’s contributing blog is by Bode Hennedgan of Life Management for Seniors. Her tips are great for all homeowners getting their homes prepared for spring, not just seniors. Spring is here….or did we just jump right to summer? Whichever it is the temperature is hot. With the change of season comes home maintenance. Here … Read more

How to Avoid Frozen Pipes

I think I’m not alone when I’m ready to begin complaining about the heat of summer! With these cold temperatures there is a risk of freezing pipes. I know I spent two days trying to gingerly thaw the pipes in my kitchen. I think I heard a chorus of angels above me when the water … Read more

Quick Tips for the First Time Home Buyer

As a First Time Home Buyer, here are s few things to be aware of when shopping for a home insurance policy: The spring housing market is heating up again, even though you might not be able to tell with the frigid temperatures and the excessive snow this month. I thought I would put together … Read more