Business Insurance

Pope Will Visit Philadelphia – Sharing Economy Risks

The Pope will be visiting Philadelphia in September. More than 2 million visitors are expected to stay in the city during the course of his three day visit. There are not enough hotel rooms to accommodate the massive influx of people, so many residents are looking to take advantage of the opportunity and list their … Read more

Annual Insurance Review: 5 Important Tips

Often when a new potential client calls me for an insurance quote they often ask me to do an apples-to-apples comparison. If I hand you two perfectly red luscious apples that look identical on the outside, but once you cut them open, one of those apples is rotten, would you still want to eat both … Read more

To Self Insure: It is an Option

Let me address the elephant in the room before I continue any further, NO ONE, including myself enjoys paying for insurance. It’s a check to a big company for a product we hope we never need. I personally carry a lot of insurance because I would rather pass that risk onto another party than pay … Read more

Incorporating: One Company Many Jobs

business insurance umbrella

In this day and age to survive a company, you generally need to be diversified. Diversification is important to stability and growth, but one area that is overlooked is often the placement of the insurance. It’s important to discuss the structure of the companies with an attorney when you are incorporating, and that attorney should … Read more

General Liability Insurance: How to Insure a Home Based Business

The advancement of technology has made the ability to start a business easier and less expensive than ever. That means more people are working from home. Just because your business is a home based business does not mean that you don’t need a business insurance policy. If your business involves working with other people or … Read more