Incorporating: One Company Many Jobs

business insurance umbrella

In this day and age to survive a company, you generally need to be diversified. Diversification is important to stability and growth, but one area that is overlooked is often the placement of the insurance. It’s important to discuss the structure of the companies with an attorney when you are incorporating, and that attorney should … Read more

General Liability Insurance: How to Insure a Home Based Business

The advancement of technology has made the ability to start a business easier and less expensive than ever. That means more people are working from home. Just because your business is a home based business does not mean that you don’t need a business insurance policy. If your business involves working with other people or … Read more

Admitted Insurance Company vs Non-Admitted Insurance Carriers

I insure some unusual businesses in my agency. For those businesses, I use companies that are often Non-Admitted. My insured recently noticed this and asked about the differences between an Admitted Company and a Non-Admitted carrier and if that poses any risk for her company. Here is a brief explanation of the difference: An admitted … Read more

Quick Tips for the First Time Home Buyer

As a First Time Home Buyer, here are s few things to be aware of when shopping for a home insurance policy: The spring housing market is heating up again, even though you might not be able to tell with the frigid temperatures and the excessive snow this month. I thought I would put together … Read more

Importance of Life Insurance

I am always asking my clients, family and friends if they have enough life insurance. I try to walk the line between pushing people to understand the importance of life insurance and trying to avoid being known as “The Insurance Agent” like Ed Neville in Ground Hog Day. I was rummaging through my draws this … Read more

Possible Back Injuries After A Car Accident

Dr. Gray of Restore Chiropractic explains some possible back injuries after even a minor car accident. She explains what may happen to your back. It’s important to get checked out by a Dr. because there may be an injury that you are not aware of and may not show symptoms for days or even years. … Read more

Back to School, Finally!

I’m a bit ashamed to admit that I’m not a big fan of summer vacation. I see from my friends on FB that they can’t wait until the kids are out. They love sleeping in and going on vacation. In about a month they are counting down the days until school is back in session. … Read more

Homeowners Policy: 3 Important Things to Add

A standard homeowners policy is fairly consistent between companies. There are a few extras that are not included in most policies that should be discussed with your agent. Sewer and drain back up coverage. This endorsement protects you in the event any system that is supposed to remove water or sewage from the home , … Read more