Real Disasters Happen Everyday. Are You Prepared?

As an insurance agent and someone who deals with other people’s disasters for a living, you would think I would be prepared. A few years ago there was a tornado warning in Philadelphia in the middle of the night. The warnings seemed credible for our area, so my husband and I made the difficult decision … Read more

Annual Insurance Review: 5 Important Tips

Often when a new potential client calls me for an insurance quote they often ask me to do an apples-to-apples comparison. If I hand you two perfectly red luscious apples that look identical on the outside, but once you cut them open, one of those apples is rotten, would you still want to eat both … Read more

Teen Texting and Driving: Tips To Help them Stop

We all know that teen texting and driving is a huge problem, especially when it comes to young drivers. I even find myself tempted to read a text when I hear that bing. This article written by Christy Millweard of KFVS gives some helpful tips for not only teen drivers, but also adults on keeping … Read more

The Sharing Economy and the Risks

In the wake of the financial crash of 2008, proliferation of mobile technology and some brilliant entrepreneurs the perfect storm for a Sharing Economy is occurring. Sharing of cars such as Uber and renting out space in your home with Airbnb have allowed people an alternate stream of income, but there are risks associated with … Read more

Life Insurance: Are You In A Someday Circle?

I spent this past week on a Dude Ranch high in the mountains of Colorado with my family. There was no WiFi and very limited cell service. So I was forced to unplug from electronics and trust my staff to run the office while I was gone. This is the first full week of vacation … Read more

Flood Insurance if I don’t live near water.

In the past 5 years, all the states have experienced flooding. Generally, the people who ask about flood insurance are in specific areas that flood often and know how important flood insurance can be. However, what people may not realize is even if you are not in a flood zone, flood insurance may be needed … Read more

Happy Take Your Dog to Work Day!

Took was featured! Check out his photoshoot! Thanks to BG Productions Photography & Video. Click here to access the full feature and photoshoot.

You Had a House Fire, Now What?

According to there are more $7.3 billion in home losses due to fire each year and more than 12,600 people are injured in those fires. “Fire isn’t bright, it’s pitch black. Fire starts bright, but quickly produces black smoke and complete darkness. If you wake up to a fire you may be blinded, disoriented … Read more

To Self Insure: It is an Option

Let me address the elephant in the room before I continue any further, NO ONE, including myself enjoys paying for insurance. It’s a check to a big company for a product we hope we never need. I personally carry a lot of insurance because I would rather pass that risk onto another party than pay … Read more

DBA, What Does That Really Mean?

Working in a business can be very complicated especially for new business owners without unlimited legal assistance to navigate the muddy waters. If you are contemplating expanding an area of your business, maybe consider forming a DBA instead of re-incorporating.  With that said, speak with your attorney about the best way to protect your company. … Read more