Pope Will Visit Philadelphia – Sharing Economy Risks

The Pope will be visiting Philadelphia in September. More than 2 million visitors are expected to stay in the city during the course of his three day visit. There are not enough hotel rooms to accommodate the massive influx of people, so many residents are looking to take advantage of the opportunity and list their … Read more

Do You Need Commercial Car Insurance?

Many self-employed individuals, from the one-woman cleaning service to the handyman contractor or pizza delivery, believe that their personal car insurance policy covers them for work uses. But when it comes time to file a claim, that belief might not stand up to scrutiny.     Do you need commercial car insurance? If you can … Read more

3 Home Maintenance Tasks Every Homeowner Should Do This Spring

This week’s contributing blog is by Bode Hennedgan of Life Management for Seniors. Her tips are great for all homeowners getting their homes prepared for spring, not just seniors. Spring is here….or did we just jump right to summer? Whichever it is the temperature is hot. With the change of season comes home maintenance. Here … Read more

10 Safety Tips for Planning an RV Trip

Summer is almost here and that means vacation time for many families. For a few lucky adventurers, driving cross country in an RV is as American as apple pie. Here is a list of 10 safety tips to keep you safe while driving your RV (care of Michele Boyer of camping.about.com). http://camping.about.com/od/Articles-By-Michele-Boyer/a/10-Safety-Tips.htm

Identity Theft – What to do after your identity has been stolen

If you’ve stopped in the office, there is a chance you may have spoken to Danielle that has been working with me for about 8 years. She’s not only an employee, she’s also a client. Recently she was dropping her son off at baseball practice and locked her car. When she came back five minutes … Read more

How to Avoid Frozen Pipes

I think I’m not alone when I’m ready to begin complaining about the heat of summer! With these cold temperatures there is a risk of freezing pipes. I know I spent two days trying to gingerly thaw the pipes in my kitchen. I think I heard a chorus of angels above me when the water … Read more

Prepping Rental Properties Against the Winter

If you own rental properties, there are five things you should do to help prevent a costly claim. Don’t rely on the renter because if these basic steps aren’t followed, it’s your pocket not the renter’s that will be feeling it. 1. Salt and shovel the stairs and sidewalk. 2. If you have an oil … Read more

A Collection of Party Planning Tips for Your Holiday Celebrations

The holiday season is quickly approaching! Many people will be hosting both professional and personal parties in appreciation for clients and employees or to celebrate the incoming New Year. The parties may be fun for the attendees but often the hosts are left overwhelmed with the planning. Ruth Santiago of Plan Ahead Events, gives us … Read more

Rental Car Insurance: Do you really need it?

Will you be renting a car during the holiday season? Whether you’ll be renting at your destination or renting a vehicle and driving to your destination, you’ll face a barrage of questions when you get to the rental car counter: Do you have auto insurance? Can I see your insurance ID card? Do you want … Read more

Wills: Common Questions

I often talk about the importance of life insurance and planning for your death when I sit down with my clients during their insurance review. It’s an uncomfortable subject in most families, but one that needs to be discussed.   I just recently sat down and spoke with Heather Turner, Equire of the Law Office … Read more