5 Reasons Winter Is a Great Time To Sell Your Home


There is a misconception that you need to wait until the Spring season to sell your home. Here are 5 great reasons to list your home in the winter, according to Keller Williams Realty: January is traditionally the month for employees to begin new jobs. Since transfers cannot wait until Spring to buy, you need … Read more

Home Inspection vs Home Inspection


As you may be aware, the office has recently added Real Estate to our list of services we offer. As I’ve been going through the different training classes, today we went on a mock home inspection. I’ve always thought that the background of insurance agent gives me an entirely different perspective on buildings than the … Read more

The 3-Step Process to Help Those Over 65 Years Prepare for Their Independence


Written by guest author, Bode Hennegan, Founder Life Managers & Associates AARP states that 87% of adults over 65 want to stay in their current homes as they age. However, realistic planning and the necessary conversations surrounding these logistics are often neglected. Far too many consider this planning to be an end of life issue … Read more

Want Retirement? Plan today!

Bode Hennegan, Founder of Life Managers and Associates wrote my latest blog. Like many other people of the sandwich generation, helping my parents as they age is a big part of my life. I’m always worrying about their care and safety as they still are living in their home. Bode’s mission is to help these … Read more

Family Insurance Check-Up

Just like your annual check-up at the doctor, you should be doing an annual review of your insurance policies. When you have children, you get used to going to the doctor a lot. We usually have an outline of when their shots and physicals are due. However, when it comes to the rest of our … Read more

Important Tire Safety Tips

Tires have a rough job. They transport you and your vehicle over potholes, dirt roads, and ice. They have to go from sixty to zero in milliseconds to prevent you from hitting the other car that so rudely cut in front of you. So, it’s only fair that you take good care of your tires. … Read more

5 Important Fireplace Maintenance and Safety Tips

A fireplace is an important piece in your home. From family gatherings in the cold weather to spending the holidays in front of it, a fireplace is a part of your daily family life. In order to keep your fireplace looking great as well as keeping your family safe when it is in use, there … Read more

5 Top Home Maintenance Tips for Fall


Fall is coming around the corner, which means that it’s time to get your house in shape for the inevitable cold months ahead. As school starts and the kids’ extracurricular activities are in full swing, the Fall season may be one of the busiest times of the year. However, it is still very important to … Read more

Do Men Pay More for Auto Insurance Than Women?

insurance rates for men and women

  Have you ever wondered if men indeed pay more for auto insurance than women? Are the rumors true that red cars cost more to insure than any other car color? Click Here to access an article that goes into how generally rates for men and women are determined.      

Life Insurance: Why is it important?


Once again with the tragic events in Florida from the shootings or the poor child killed by the alligator, we’re reminded life is uncertain no matter your age. It’s also a reminder that people of all ages should have life insurance. Here is a previous blog I did on the topic: www.jengregorski.com/importance-of-life-insurance/ Please feel free … Read more