5 Important Fireplace Maintenance and Safety Tips

fireplaceA fireplace is an important piece in your home. From family gatherings in the cold weather to spending the holidays in front of it, a fireplace is a part of your daily family life.

In order to keep your fireplace looking great as well as keeping your family safe when it is in use, there are a few important pieces of information you should know. Fireplace maintenance should be performed often and fireplace safety should be used daily.

Here are five important fireplace maintenance and safety tips to ensure a great looking fireplace and a safe family space:

Keep the Firebox Clean

Your fireplace firebox should be kept clean not only for looks but also for safety. You should clean it at least once a week to rid it of old ashes and build-up. However, it might be best to leave about an inch or so of the ash to retain heat while burning. You should keep the firebox clean whenever it is not in use such as throughout the summer and spring. This will keep flammable objects and debris away from the firebox and will keep potential fire hazards to a minimum.

Keep your fireplace inspected

You should have a professional inspect your fireplace once a year. Call a professional chimney sweep to check for any issues that may arise with the fireplace as well as with the chimney.

Watch and learn from the professional in order to be able to perform routine checks by yourself throughout the year.

Use the proper chimney tools

For your chimney, you should ensure that you are using the proper chimney cap to fit your chimney. A chimney cap goes over the top of the chimney and keeps pests out as well as things that could block the smoke from coming through. Blocked smoke can cause carbon monoxide to enter your home, causing some bad health issues and fire hazards.

Keep children away from the fireplace

Children should be kept away from the fireplace when in use. Even though you might be near, it is best to not let them play with the tools as well as around the fireplace. The flames can burn inches away from the fireplace and screens can get hot to the touch even when in use. Talk to your children about fire safety.

Do not burn the fire for too long

A fireplace should not be used as the primary heat source for a home if it can be avoided. A fireplace should not burn for longer than five hours at a time. This is important for proper ventilation and safety.

Fireplace maintenance and safety is very important. However, no matter what you do, sometimes disasters can happen. Make sure you have the correct homeowner’s insurance for your home in case of these things. No matter your precautions, there is always a small possibility for trouble to arise.

Follow these safety tips and feel free to speak to us about getting your home insured or making sure you have the correct coverage for your home. You may Contact Us here.

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