3 Home Maintenance Tasks Every Homeowner Should Do This Spring


This week’s contributing blog is by Bode Hennedgan of Life Management for Seniors. Her tips are great for all homeowners getting their homes prepared for spring, not just seniors.

Spring is here….or did we just jump right to summer? Whichever it is the temperature is hot. With the change of season comes home maintenance.

Here are three things that every homeowner should do this spring:

  • Have Air-conditioning units serviced. The heat can be dangerous for the elderly. It is essential to upkeep your system – this includes and annual maintenance, changing air filters and cleaning duct work if it has not been done in recent years. Reverse ceiling fans. During the hot months fans should spin counter clockwise. If you use window units, they should be installed with weather stripping and don’t forget to clean the filters!

  • Survey yard for winter damage. We are coming off of two extremely harsh winters. Trees and shrubs have been hit hard. Dead branches and even limbs should be pruned. Failure to up keep the trees in the yard can lead to further damage and expense down the road. . Irrigation systems should be turned on and mowing service contracted if necessary.

  • Get fresh air. Either bring the air inside by opening the windows or create and outdoor seating area. This may mean cleaning screens should be cleaned and installed and patio deck furniture.

These maintenance tasks can be overwhelming for any homeowner but especially stressful seniors. Life Management for Seniors is available to help with these and any other tasks that are required to maintain a home. We provide personalized services to allow our clients aging in place.
About Bode Hennedgan
Bode-Hennedgan-Life-Management-for-SeniorsBode is the founder of Life Management for Seniors, a personalized services to enable independent living.

In addition, she is a life-long resident of the Chestnut Hill area with strong ties in the community. After earning her MBA from St. Joseph’s University, she worked for 12 years managing professional committees of an international technical association (ASTM). Bode left the corporate world for an even bigger challenge: managing a household with two sets of twins born within two years of each other. She is now bringing these two experiences together to help seniors manage the complexities of their lives so they can continue to live independently in their homes.

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